How Felix Schneiders is changing the format of Twitch poker

How Felix Schneiders is changing the format of Twitch poker

10982217_848506261855489_6599968265821954536_nCurrently I believe the three most interesting people to watch on Twitch are Jason Somerville, Jaime Staples and Felix “xflixx” Schneiders. Somerville because he is the superstar of Twitch, Staples because he is the organic Twitch success and today I speak with Schneiders, whom I believe is doing the most interesting things with the format of Twitch Poker.

I speak with Felix very early in the morning, which is both a rarity for poker players in general, and Twitch broadcasters. With a predominantly US based audience, the most successful Twitch streams take place at US friendly times. However, as a European, Schneiders streams much earlier than the competition. Is this by design or simply because it fits his schedule?

“I tend to stick with a normal daily routine with my poker times. I get up early, I start my poker stuff at nine AM after breakfast, I’ll have a lunch break, then go back to playing/coaching/working on my game. So it’s mainly that my own schedule fits this Twitch schedule, I felt it was important that I was fresh enough to present in a way that’s entertaining and in the zone. When I play late I don’t focus that easy.” 

He may be streaming at a quieter time, but given that means he doesn’t have to compete with the biggest streams, does he think that’s an advantage for growing his own cash game focussed channel?

“The really big streamers like Jason Somerville and Jaime Staples, they have all the big tournament schedule times. I think if I streamed that late I would do OK with viewership because cash games and tournaments attract different types of poker players.”

“Less is more”

csm_Felix_Schneiders_0788709fdeWhat Felix does differently to other streamers is that rather than simply broadcasting his regular play, his sessions look much more like traditional ‘classroom’ style settings, much more like you would see on a training site. There are themes to every show and he will regularly break away from the action to rigorously analyse a hand. He is from a traditional training site background, does he believe this format lends itself well to Twitch?

“I’ve been doing this format for several years now with PokerSchoolOnline and people enjoy the format, so I wanted to integrate it with my Twitch streams. I know Twitch is mostly about streaming what you do, but this is something I wanted to do because it’s what I enjoy.”

There is perhaps the most variety in Felix’s broadcasts compared to anyone else, it seems he has tested a lot of different formats. What has he found resonates most with his audience?

“What I realised is that less is more. I had streams where I played 4-6 tables. I tested doing one-tabling Zoom and running fun stuff on the side, answering questions, doing giveaways etc. These are things people enjoyed the most, a slightly fast format on one table, but also where there is a good overview of all the things so they don’t get distracted.”

Given his content is arguably more theory based than some of his peers, does he think his audience is more towards existing players, rather than potential new gamers discovering poker for the first time?

“In every stream we get the same questions like “Is this real money”? The most popular question is “I have xxx bucks, where should I start”. I feel like there are a lot of new players looking for pointers where to start.”

Felix interests me in particular because in my day job as an editor, my entire methodology is about testing what content works and what doesn’t work, in particular looking in depth at Google Analytics. As a writer, I might be a little more scientific than some of my peers in that regard, which has its strengths and weaknesses. Given he is so experimental with his formats, does Felix adopt a similar approach?

“I don’t really do any of that, maybe I should, however I am of the belief that whatever topic or format motivates me the most is what viewers will catch onto. If you give them the feeling you are authentic and enjoying it, they will believe in you. “

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