A voice for recreational poker players

While the industry as a whole is (IMO correctly) focussing on appealing to depositing recreational players, I think the poker media still has a lot of catching up to do. Understandably we have always focussed on the aspirational side of poker, the stars in the game and the desire to improve as players. This is fine, and it should long continue, but I think it’s an important niche for me to carve out as somebody who speaks up for recreational players, who are largely voiceless (many of whom are not really aware of the ‘poker industry’ just as your average Game of Thrones viewer does not participate in the fandom). I am a recreational poker player after all, and it frustrates me when we see a largely one sided debate, led by grinders, about what is best for the game.

Below are a series of articles I have written where I attempt to speak up for casual players to an audience that takes poker very seriously.

The mental game of series

In this series I delve into some of the newer online poker formats and explain why they might appeal to casual players more than grinders (and why that’s ok).